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Employee Audiometric Reporting System - EARS

OSHA Compliant Hearing Conservation Software

This powerful and easy-to-learn database and reporting software package records, analyzes and reports hearing testing results for in-house testing programs or service providers. EARS was developed by an audiologist with decades of industrial testing background. It has been refined from extensive user experience for more than 20 years. Built on the success of our DOS version, but with the greater flexibility of Windows, we proudly announce

EARS for Windows                    PowerPoint introduction

Two versions are available

All versions can be used with manual audiometers, DHSC computer-controlled audiometers, or other microprocessor audiometers.

        Pricing is VERY affordable.  Exact price depends on your specific needs.  Leasing of the software and audiometers is available.

        Contact Tony Miltich at 479-925-7700 to discuss your needs.


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